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WOODLAND pioneered forestry investment in Ireland and effectively paved the way for thousands of landowners who now own forestry in Ireland. WOODLAND has developed linkages with other countries working with a range of commercial and private clients. 

If you have an interest in substantial international forestry investment we would be delighted to hear from you. If your interest is in Irish forestry we can bring you the benefits of our experience in dealing with corporate, personal, and pension fund investors. If you require due diligence on forestry investment products WOODLAND can contribute practical knowledge which helps to expedite the learning process for other disciplines.

If you own land and are considering forestry as an option then many of the same issues arise as for those purchasing land. Again we offer comprehensive services including forestry contracting.

WOODLAND is an accepted contractor for providing planning, inspection, and assessment services to Forest Service. We will prepare and submit your application, and provide a complete contracting service as well as manage your property for as long as you require. Our aim is to see you make a good profit from good timber.


Active management is the key to adding value to your forestry asset. This can range from minor tweaking to more significant inputs over the years. WOODLAND will ensure that you benefit from the full range of incentives such as Afforestation, Forest Road, Woodland Improvement, and Reconstitution grants. Drafting a detailed Harvest Management Plan is a vital component to applying for a Felling Licence and our foresters will be happy to discuss this with you. It is very important that the woodland owner actively participates in the management of their forestry and is aware of the value and opportunity that is available to them, an owner's knowledge and interest contributes greatly to optimum management. 

Forest Management and Consultancy
Forestry Valuations


While forestry has many ecological and social benefits the commercial reward is vital to encourage the continued growth of forest cover in Ireland. We are happy to discuss the most suitable approach to marketing timber with a forest owner and can tailor our management approach to suit the clients and the needs of the forest. Harvesting operations range from hardwood thinnings to first, second and subsequent thinning on commercial plantations while clearfell operations always require the most careful consideration and ideally should be an active consideration with an owner for some years before a final decision. Market timing can never be perfect but a considered approach will yield better results.

Timber Sales


Forestry does not lend itself as easily as other asset types to valuation not least because there is not an established and dynamic market for woodland sales. The main factors which determine forestry values are timber volume, timber quality, likely timber prices and the discount rate used to calculate the present value. Other factors include the premiums, location, access and scale. Non-timber issues may arise such as leisure rights and amenity aspects. Taxation aspects must be considered as well as legal issues. If you are purchasing or selling forestry WOODLAND can aid you in your decision based on sound and detailed valuations

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