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There are grants available for the afforestation of agricultural land that is suitable for commercial forestry, subject to environmental considerations and proof of ownership.

Up to 100% grants are available. If you are thinking of planting please contact us immediately!

There are detailed conditions and written Forest Service approval must be obtained before undertaking afforestation. After planting, a detailed application including details of some costs is required to enable grant and premium payment. Grants can cover up to 100% of costs subject to the maximum rates.

The Second Instalment Grant is normally payable four years after planting.

Definitions of each category as well as detailed technical specifications and requirements are available upon request from WOODLAND or from Forest Service or Teagasc.

There are other grants schemes* for Forest Roads, Reconstitution (Chalara Ash Dieback), Woodland Improvement (Thinning and Tending), Agro-forestry and Forestry for Fibre.

Forestry Schemes


There is a wide range of grants and premiums available under the Afforestation Scheme depending on the type of forestry you with to plant. It is vitally important that the right type of trees are planted in the right place. This will benefit the growth of the trees over their lifetime and also the surrounding ecosystem. Our registered and experienced foresters can guide you through this process designing a forest that is right for you. You can follow the link below for the Afforestation Scheme documents or contact Woodland and your local forester will answer your queries. 

Planting New Trees


Whether your forestry has a commercial focus or an environmental one, safe and suitable access is essential for good management. Under the Forest Road Scheme, there are grants available to aid with the cost of construction of your forest road. The grant provides funding so that these roads are well built and will last for the lifetime of your plantation and beyond. You can follow the link below for the Forest Road Scheme documents or contact Woodland to discuss in more detail.


Native woodlands are an essential cog in the fight to improve the biodiversity and water quality of our planet. Whether your commercial forestry has come to the end of its rotation and you wish to replant with native trees or whether you wish to create a new native woodland there are schemes available to help you achieve this. Click the link below to download the Native Woodland Scheme and the Native Woodland Conservation Scheme for more information or contact Woodland directly.  

Image by Azimbek Assarov
Image by Geran de Klerk


There are a number of other schemes available to forest owners to aid in the ongoing management of their plantations. These range from Reconstitutions Schemes to Woodland Improvement Schemes. Contact Woodland to speak to a forester who can recommend the scheme to suit your management needs. 

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